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Focus Even in The Fog

I have read and heard that fasting brings about expected side effects like brain fog. That inability to process information the way you normally would or perhaps a bit of forgetfulness. There are other physiological effects that one can expect like hunger and headaches, but you experience those whether you are fasting or just eliminating things from your diet. (Think of giving up caffeine, carbs, or sugar for dietary reasons)
Our Pastors have warned of things bubbling up from within. I have a friend who was ready to force feed her husband a Snickers bar, evidently he has a grumpy side when fasting. Again, those are things I anticipate at this point. I am a "why" person and that type of person loves to research. I have done my homework on fasting from both a spiritual and a physical perspective - I did not just take one person's word for it. Commentary According to Sue (Not a thing yet) Truth in the Word, Not The Opinion Some things that were unexpected came up for me to…

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