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God Help Me

I am being tossed by the storm a lot today. I have heard evangelists and preachers talk about controlling your emotions. I could really benefit from that right now. I know part of my struggle in this moment is I am done with where I work. I am also very excited to start my new job. I anticipated this and have been trying to read more and meditate more to compensate for this feeling. I liken it to a prisoner coming up on release. You are so excited about what freedom brings you let the emotions get the best of you and sometimes get in your way.

The ante has been upped the last couple of days. My co-worker is out due to health issues. The problem is there is no one to fill in for her. I have been pulled from pillar to post with no help whatsoever. It is an exercise in frustration.

Then I get a call that there is an unpaid tax bill…really? Some mess up with the assessment from a few years ago that is going to cost money. Why it when they make a mistake like that we get hit with the nasty …

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