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This morning before church I confessed to my husband that I have really been struggling with aspects of faith. This was after I had spent time talking to God. Not just what we typically think of in prayer...I was talking to Him. I apologized for being frustrated. Acknowledged that all this confusion was not from Him. Rebuked the enemy. I told God I knew I sounded like a petulant child and that I was struggling to understand, to trust. I thanked Him for his mercy and grace. I asked for more mercy and grace as He moves me through this season. This was tearful plea to my Heavenly Father to strengthen me and show me what I needed to learn, what I was missing.
Where's The Message Landing? I have been reminded in the past few weeks of the Parable of the Soils. We almost always attribute that to souls being won and seeds being planted for salvation. It applies in every aspect of our faith. When I rededicated my life I did not immediately feel a conviction to tithe, but I did to serve. In…

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