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Cambodia Mission - July 16 អរគុណច្រើន

Arkoun Chraen (អរគុណច្រើន) translates to "Thank you very much" in Khmer. I want to express my thanks to everyone who supported me financially, emotionally, and spiritually to make this trip. I came to Cambodia looking for something and found far more than I expected. My heart is so full and Jesus is so real to me.
I thought, briefly, that something was wrong with me. I was not overly excited or worked up about anything. Even changes in schedule or putting shoes on dirty little feet...nothing seemed to rock me. When others seemed to be struggling I was able to reach out to them to help them calm down and reset. Where was my culture shock? I did not feel like I thought I should feel,

Then yesterday I remembered something my friend Kayla said to me about someone she had prayed for. The empty or light feeling was not emptiness at is peace. I have heard about peace that passes all understanding most all of my I have experienced it. I feel like I am smiling fro…

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